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Video Production Teesside

We are a video production agency in Teesside. Producing promotional and corporate video content, social video, interviews & videography for websites, mobiles and more.

High quality video production

Tees Vision Media are a video production agency based in Teesside. We enhance your brand’s visibility, reach and messaging by utilizing high quality video content in your marketing campaigns, website and social media channels.

Video content is a powerful tool for engaging audiences. Whether it’s on mobile phones, TVs, tablets, or even watches. Consumers show a craving for high-quality video content that helps explain your service, product or organisation in an engaging and easy to understand way. Video production ticks all the boxes.

87% of marketers say video content has significantly increased their sales.

90% of consumers claim that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

75% of businesses use video to reach and engage with customers.

 What video production services are on offer?

We offer a range of video production services across the North East. From social video to entire video advert campaigns, Tees Vision Media is here to deliver top quality video content across all your marketing channels. Check out some of our Teesside video production services below.

Corporate video 

Corporate videos promote brand awareness and serve various purposes like training, instruction, and employee safety.

Social media video

Social video is typically a short, engaging video designed for social platforms to drive audience engagement and growth.

Event video coverage

Capture your event’s memorable moments with shareable, high-quality videos for lasting impact and promotional content.

Drone footage

Drone footage offers unique aerial shots and contrast to ground video. Helping to grab audience attention with interesting aerial footage.

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Diverse video offerings: Engage audiences your way

Creating video content for your brand or business has never been simpler. There are many video ideas to choose from that will engage and help you reach your goals. Here are just a few video production projects that are popular and tested to provide great results for most industries:

Explainer videos

Customer testimonials

Brand videos

Short form & long form video

Educational video

Saftey & compliance videos

Benefits of effective video production marketing?

Video production is essential for small businesses. Video content helps bridge the gap between you and potential customers. Our unique approach at Tees Vision Media ensures top-quality content delivered promptly. With our video production services, you can focus on what matters while your brand thrives visually. Unlock the benefits of video production:


Engage your audience with effective video content that is perfect to deliver complex topics and information in an engaging way.

Brand awareness

Video production boosts brand visibility, builds trust and keeps your brand in peoples minds. Video content helps you stand out amongst competitors.


Great video content for businesses is now more cost-effective than ever. Meaning you can advertise effectively whilst maximizing ROI.

Want to know more about video production services?

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Here are some video production frequently asked questions below.

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Our video production process is efficient but detailed. We follow a streamlined process to deliver high-quality video content that works on all platforms and audiences.

Initial Discussion: Discuss your needs and goals.

Planning and Development: Tailor a content strategy and schedule a media day.

Content Collection: Capture high-quality footage with top-tier equipment.

Post-Production: Edit and optimize videos for various platforms.

Delivery: Receive final, polished videos ready for distribution.

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